Geomax® Geocell Retaining Walls

Retention Systems

Typical Implementation
  • retaining walls in landscape design
  • fascia protection for steepened slopes
  • geocomposite retaining walls where wall facing sections, are integrated with geosynthetic earth reinforcement layers
  • gravity wall structure where space accessibility or restrictions are problems
  • muti-layered channel protection structure
  • bioengineered walls
  • steepened embankments
  • dike and levee protection
  • culvert headwalls
  • vegetated channel structures
  • sound barriers

Geocell Retaining Walls

If you are looking for cost-effective, long-term, low-maintenance slope protection for retaining walls. Geocell-confined soil channels are the best solution. The Geomax Geocell system’s open-celled terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation and allow stormwater infiltration. GEOCELL walls conform well to landscape contours, are resistant to environmental degradation, and install 25-30% faster than MSE block walls.