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GeoMax® Geocell, Best Solution to Soil Stabilization, Slope Protection Channel Lining and Retaining Walls


What is GeoMax® Cellular Confinement Systems

A GeoMax® cellular confinement system is a honeycomb geocell structure created by the three-dimensional interactions of soil, cell walls, and geometry. Geocell cellular confinement system maintains soil compaction, therefore heightening the structural strength of the infill and pavement layer and the bearing capacity.

geomax geocell systems
geocell grid paver

When we encounter soft and or weak soils on the construction of roads, railways, sewers, and slope applications, the traditional way is to fill with expensive materials, which could be costly and time-consuming. However, there is an effective alternative method, by using the GeoMax® Geocell system directly on the subgrade. GeoMax® Geocell is made of ultrasonically-welded high-density polyethylene(HDPE)and can be expanded to form a honeycomb structure. Cells are then filled with readily available granular materials and compacted. The GeoMax® solution means to challenge soil stability problems in lots of applications through the high-strength network of interconnected cells.

How GeoMax® Cellular Confinement Systems Work

3D geocell

When infilled with compacted materials(soil, gravel, concrete, or sand), it creates a 3D Geocell structure that possesses enhanced mechanical and geotechnical properties.

When the soil contained within a GeoMax® is subjected to pressure, it causes lateral stresses on perimeter cell walls. The 3D zone of confinement reduces the lateral movement of soil particles while vertical loading on the contained infill results in high lateral stress and resistance on the cell-soil interface. These increase the shear strength of the confined soil, which:

◆Creates a stiff mattress or slab to distribute the load over a wider area
◆Reduces punching of soft soil
◆Increases shear resistance and bearing capacity
◆Decreases deformation

GeoMax® Advantages

▲GeoMax® is retractile contractible, constructed into a 3D structure. They can be with strong lateral limitations and degree structure when filled with soil, gravel, or any loose materials.
▲GeoMax® has the features of lightweight, wear-resistance, stable chemical performance, anti-photo-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert conditions.
▲GeoMax® has high level sidewise restriction, anti-skid, and anti-deformation capacity, which enhance the subgrade effective and distributed loading.
▲GeoMax® can meet different engineering needs by changing its Depth and Bonded Ranges. The sections are available in various cell sizes, cell depths, and section lengths.
▲GeoMax® is with convenient connection structure, which is easy to transport and construct.

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