Quality Control

Advanced Production Equipment

Our company introduce advanced technology and production equipment, which improves productivity and quality across the board. 

Five-Rolls Extruder
Integrated Perforation Equipment
Ultrasonic Welding Equipment
  • Compactability improved
  • Reduces the error
  • The accuracy of the flatness and thickness improved
  • The tensile strength of the sheet increased
  • Orderliness holes
  • Smoother mesh
  • The cost of time and labor reduced
  • Productivity improved
  • Automatic alarm for leak welding
  • The compliance rate of seam peel strength is absolutely 100%
  • 12 meters length for extremely long geocell

Complete Inspection Equipment

Our company have advanced precision instruments and testing equipment and continue to absorb new technology to ensure that we keeps leading position in the geosynthetics world at the same products area. 

Fusion Index Instrument
Mechanics Property Test
Carbon Black Content Tester
  • Melt index is the most important parameter in determining the polypropylene’s grade
  • Identificate the grade of raw material
  • 3 machanics property tester in workplace and laboratory
  • Seam peel strength test by every 2 hours
  • Carbon Black Content ≥1.5% (ASTM Strandard)
  • Other requirements can also be met
Environment Stress Cracking Resistance Tester
Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Dimension Control
  • ESCR ≥ 7000 hours
  • OIT oxidation induction time ≥ 150 mins
  • Improves the accuracy of data for dimension
Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Thermal properties of different raw material particles were study by DSC.