GeoMax® Geocell Process

1. Mixture

If there are no special requiments for raw material, 100% Virgin material will be used for the production. Product will be produced based on your request.

Additives are subject to the order requirements, generally: carbon black (black) or color masterbatch (other colors) light stabilizers, antioxidants, and so on.

Mixing requirements: raw and auxiliary materials are prepared strictly according to the formulation requirements, and mixing time should be at least 3-5 minutes to ensure uniform mixing of raw and auxiliary materials.

2. Extrusion

GeoMax® Geocell introduced a Five-rolls Extruder, which has one more round of extrusion than its traditional Threerolls Extruder, this equipment reduces the error and improves the accuracy of the flatness and thickness of the sheet, thus the tensile strength of the sheet can be improved significantly.


3. Inspection during the plate production

The production will be started after the equipment has been commissioned,  the inspector should do a comprehensive review within every 2 hours, meanwhile the test form and process record should be filled during the normal production process.

The inspector must ensures that the geocell sheet has no scratches on the surface, no bubbles, no damage and other problems affecting the appearance of the board.

4. Perforation

GeoMax® Geocell used the integrated perforation equipment which greatly shortened the production time, production effeciency has improved obviously and the labor cost has reduced.

Fully automated punching requipment compared with the traditional manual work, makes that the line of the holes were perfectly aligned.

5. Inspection after perforating and slitting

After perforation, the sheet will be cut evenly to keep the length of each plate to be same.

The plate will be sent to the welding area after perforating and slitting. Arching serious, perforated not orderliness, damaged plates need to be individually picked and handle in time.

6. Welding

GeoMax® introduces a new generation of ultrasonic welding machine (YX-11000), which developed by
our company, it can effectively prevent the phenomenon of missing welding and false welding of the
cell sheet with its automatic alarm system, the compliance rate of seam peeling strength is up to 100%.

7. Inspection after welding

After welding, the geocell need to be fully expanded for inpection to see if there are any leak welding, fautly welding, welding distance error, sheet dislocation and other quality problems of welding.

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